1995, installation

9 lenses and under them ‘perspiration’, diapositives, voice over: reading of 1001 Nights
Developed for IV. International Istanbul Biennial, Antrepo, Istanbul, Turkey


This Work for the 4th Istanbul Biennial is located in the bonded warehouse, that is used as the main venue of the exhibition, at a wide and tall windowpane opening to the Bosporus-scape. The soundtrack used in the installation emitted a soft female voice whispering passages from Tales of 1001 Nights, a source of western stereotypes on the Orient, which ironically related to the biennial’s own title: “Orient/ation”. The large glass pane allowed the audience to contemplate on the cinematographic shipping activities between the crew of post-Soviet cargo ships at the port and the local customs workers. Small magnifying glasses attached onto the glass allowed the audience to observe the shipping activity in close-up. The shady images of teardrops or beads of sweat superimposed on the magnifying glasses evoked the idea of temporary suspense of cultural differences by the levelling effect of labour – an echo of the artist’s own status in relation with the foreign artist invited to the exhibition.