Perfect / Growing Older (Dis)Gracefully

2006, video installation, 32’21”
Developed for 4th Liverpool Biennial, Tate Liverpool, UK


‘Perfect’ is a critical examination of the universal process of regeneration, where change is typically not organic, but grows out of decisions made by governing bodies rather than local residents. Ersen has been struck by the radical transformation currently taking place in Liverpool and the impact upon its inhabitants. Regeneration promises a new identity for the city in the run-up to being European Capital of Culture. Acting as a kind of urban planner, transferring her methods from city to person, Ersen has performed a makeover on a long standing resident of Liverpool. Transforming her, Ersen provokes questions about the changing city as a whole. The work reveals the contradictions inherent within visual regeneration and becomes a metaphor for its processes. Just as with a makeover, it is only the façade of a city that is transformed: the internal structures remain the same.